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Blueberries – Celebrating 100 Years

Did you know that blueberries are only 100 years young? Blueberries are one of the few fruits native to America, but it wasn’t until 1916 that these little blue dynamos began their journey from farm to table. Thanks to the leadership of two agricultural pioneers, blueberries are commercially sold in markets across the globe, and people worldwide have the blueberries they know and love today.

History of Blueberries

This summer marks the launch of a year-long celebration commemorating 100 years since the first commercial crop of blueberries. Explore the history of blueberries and discover ways you can celebrate with us and at home!

Little Changes
Big Rewards

Make little changes throughout the year to help you reach your healthy living goals. Download the Little Changes calendar for tips, recipes and inspiration for your #LittleChanges journey.

Kitchen Challenge

On March 16, trendsetting Los Angeles restaurant chefs and food bloggers convened for a culinary showdown to see whose creative dishes featuring blueberries would win the hearts and taste buds of a panel of media and blogger judges.

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Blueberries on the Menu

Blueberries on the Menu

Cooking Tips

Cooking with blueberries can be simple, and sometimes that’s just what we’re looking for. But remember that blueberries go way beyond pies, breads and muffins. Experiment with fresh, frozen, dried and even freeze dried blueberries, and you’ll find they can take you on an exciting exploration of savory dishes, new flavor pairings and more. Learn how!

Where Blueberries Grow

Highbush blueberries grow in areas across the globe with North America accounting for more than half of the worldwide highbush blueberry acreage. Blueberry lovers in the states also benefit from South American imports that provide fresh blueberries during our winter season. Learn more about where and how these little blue dynamos crop up and make their way into your favorite dishes.