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Blueberries – Easy as 1-2-3

Whether you’re popping a handful into your mouth, topping off a favorite dish or having fun with a new recipe, blueberries are a simple and healthful ingredient that brighten just about any dish. Enjoy getting to know blueberries by exploring all of the fun and simple ways to use them.

Savor the Summer

School’s out, summer’s here and blueberries are serving up 100 Bite Size Summer Moments to fill it with. Get activity ideas and blueberry recipes that will make family time simple, fun and totally delicious.

Blueberry Picking

Sunny skies, laughter and handfuls of delicious berries. Combine that with a few harmless stains and you’ve got an afternoon of blueberry picking that somehow feels like “the good old days” before the moment’s even passed.

Enjoy Frozen Blueberries

Simplify your prep while enriching your meals with frozen blueberries. Available all year, they are specially picked for ripeness and frozen at the peak of freshness, straight from the farm. Discover how well these little blue dynamos® fit into your day.

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Cooking Tips

Cooking with blueberries can be simple, and sometimes that’s just what we’re looking for. But remember that blueberries go way beyond pies, breads and muffins. Experiment with fresh, frozen, dried and even freeze dried blueberries, and you’ll find they can take you on an exciting exploration of savory dishes, new flavor pairings and more. Learn how!

Where Blueberries Grow

Highbush blueberries grow in areas across the globe with North America accounting for more than half of the worldwide highbush blueberry acreage. Blueberry lovers in the states also benefit from South American imports that provide fresh blueberries during our winter season. Learn more about where and how these little blue dynamos crop up and make their way into your favorite dishes.