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Blueberry Season

When you think of blueberry season, you might imagine long, hot summer days, iced tea and lemonade. Growing up, you probably only ate blueberries as a summertime fruit, but we’ve got news – these wonderful little berries can add flavor to any dish (or be served as a simple snack) at any time of year!

Thanks to our friends in South America, we have them at our finger tips year-round. The domestic blueberry season runs from April to late September, and once that wraps up, imports from Chile and Argentina start flowing in. In other words, fresh blueberries are always available; from October to March, you can find juicy and plump blueberries in the supermarket just like you do all summer.

That said, there are other ways to take advantage of peak blueberry season here in North America (June and July). Since other forms, like frozen, are just as yummy and easy to use, you can stock up the ample supply of fresh blueberries in the summer time, and keep them in your freezer for up to six months. This way, you’ve got them on hand at all times to help complement any number of dishes, from breakfast and dinner to snacks and desserts. With a blueberry season that never ends, you can always take advantage of their fresh abundance!

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