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Dried blueberries take oatmeal cookies beyond ordinary

Everyone loves a basic oatmeal cookie. But these are no ordinary oatmeal cookies. In addition to studding them with chewy, sweet dried blueberries, we’ve also given them a sugary-and-salty topping.…

Blueberry Thrills & Beverly Hills

Need a little something to brighten up those dreary winter days? Try adding blueberriesto your next meal! Not only does the fruit's vibrant color add a pretty pop to any…

Customers demand healthy options: Chefs get the blues

Technomic research finds that blueberries are a menu favorite Folsom, Calif., June 10, 2014 – In a benchmark survey of more than 300 foodservice professionals, Technomic found that customer interest…

Top Chefs Discover New Ingredients, Create New Menu Items at The Culinary Institute of America

Innovative solutions emerge from blueberry immersion program Folsom, Calif., April 23, 2014 – Smoked blueberry soup. Oyster mignonette with blueberry vinegar. Pickled blueberry succotash. Spiced Indian chicken dusted with blueberry…

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