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Activity Sheets

For parents and teachers

Practicing math and reading skills doesn’t have to be boring! Enjoy our fun and interactive number and word games, and learn a thing or two about blueberries along the way, by downloading these activity sheets for use in the classroom or at home.

For teachers and school food managers

With this activity sheet, kids can get smart in their core subjects while learning facts about blueberry nutrition. If you’re a teacher or school food manager, you’ll see that this sheet has a dual purpose; on the back there’s room for you to print the monthly lunch menu to send home with students. You can order them in quantity by using the “order” links below.

Learn how blueberries can contribute to a healthy lifestyle

Get the scoop on how blueberries can help kids and their families make healthier food choices. Use the download buttons below to order your own free mini-magazine complete with nutritional information as well as educational games.

Kaleidoscope Blueberry Poster
Kaleidoscope Blueberry Mini Magazine
Little Blue Dynamos School Menu Backer