Blueberry Season

Blueberry Season

Blueberry season means long, hot summer days with icy-cold lemonade. Blueberry season also means scarves and steaming-hot muffins. Fresh flowers and fresh blueberry salads. Tailgates and blueberry guacamole. Because every season is blueberry season!

The Fresh

Blueberry cravings don’t follow a calendar. You can enjoy fresh blueberries year-round! The North American blueberry season and harvest runs from April to late September. Then, imports from in South America fill the grocery store shelves from October to March. In our winter, they’re experiencing sunny summer – perfect for harvesting blueberries. It’s always summer somewhere, so you get twelve months of plump, juicy blueberry bliss.

Winter Fresh Infographic


The Frozen

Also available any time? Frozen blueberries. They’re frozen straight from the farm, with all the good stuff locked in: nutrients, freshness and flavor. And, frozen blueberries are easy. (You could probably use a little more easy.) Just make frozen blueberries a freezer staple. They’re a healthy shortcut, whether you’re grabbing a quick snack, packing lunches or cooking up a storm. With frozen blueberries, you’ll never have to choose between good and good for you again.

Frozen blueberry tips and tricks:
Frozen blueberries are available in the freezer aisle year-round for your convenience!

  • Frozen blueberries are available in the freezer aisle year-round for your convenience!
  • You can freeze and store fresh blueberries for up to 10 months in your freezer.
  • Line up your taste-testers – we’ve got mouth-watering frozen blueberry recipes ready to go. Just browse or download our Goodness Frozen e-book.

Browse all our recipes and enjoy delicious, nutritious blueberries all year long.

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