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4 Ways to Stay Energized This Winter with Blueberries

Hi everyone,

I’ve always loved blueberries, so I’m thrilled to be partnering with the U.S. Highbush Blueberry Council in 2013. We’re teaming up to inspire all of you to infuse more energy and fun into your daily routines.

I always used to think of blueberries as a summer fruit – fortunately for us, they’re not.  Even in February, you can find them fresh in most grocery stores. Blueberries are one of those snacks that help my family and me to stay energized all day long.

Every January, millions of people commit to recover from the holidays by hitting the gym and eliminating “bad stuff” from their diet, but by Valentine’s Day, many healthy living ambitions have lost their steam.

This year, let’s all make a promise to live healthier lives throughout the year, without excuses of holidays, too much work or not enough time. Are you with me?

Let’s do this together – here’s how we can rejuvenate our “stay in shape” goals with our favorite little dynamos – blueberries.

  • blueberry-wrapsGrab’em and go – Fresh blueberries are ideal snacks when you’re time-pressed! Toss them on oatmeal or yogurt, pack them in lunchboxes, or eat them straight from the carton at your desk or during your morning commute.
  • Get energized – Flavor isn’t the only thing blueberries are bursting with  …recent Harris polling shows that 78% of women who eat blueberries agree they  add a little boost to their day.
  • Try a fruit and grain combo – Tossed in a lemon vinaigrette, this blueberry wheat berry salad adds flavor (and fiber!) to lunch or dinner. Try it with fresh blueberries. If you’re allergic to gluten, sub quinoa for the wheat berries.
  • Add new flavor to an old fave – Mixed with a light chicken salad, blueberries add a refreshing burst. This mini blueberry chicken salad wrap gives you an extra boost to keep you going through the day.

What do you do to rejuvenate  your daily routine? Feel free to follow along and share your own ideas at, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube!


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