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Ahoy, thar, kids! Welcome aboard!

Blue Banana Boats“Kid cuisine and gourmet children’s dishes” are a perennial quest for foodservice operations that want to bring families through the door. Fresh blueberries are one ingredient that rank very high with kids and their parents!

Keep blueberries in mind as you develop kids’ menu ideas—for breakfast, snacks, sides, sauces and desserts. Consider the playfulness that blueberries can add to kid-friendly presentations, as shown here in the Blueberry Banana Boat, where fresh blueberries and juice become the ‘sea’ that floats the boat!

Go to to learn how to assemble Blueberry Banana Boats, and find out much more about highbush blueberries at

And to get a full range of blueberry info to have at your fingertips, request a copy of Blueberry Kitchen: Contemporary Recipes from the Culinary Institute of America with recipes and loads of ideas, storage/handling, nutrition, and more, it’s free to foodservice professionals from the U.S. Highbush Blueberry Council. Send your name, title and mailing address with your request to

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