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For Big Results in 2014, Start Small

Hi all,

A “new you” in the New Year isn’t nearly as hard as it sounds. People tend to make big, looming resolutions, but I find that those are counterproductive. Rather than punish yourself, think of the New Year as a chance to make positive changes to your daily routine, and focus on adding more of the good stuff rather than eliminating all of the bad.handful-of-health_January Meme for FB

This year, I will be issuing a monthly challenge centered on the idea that little changes result in big rewards. “Good things come in small packages” couldn’t be truer when it comes to blueberries, so I’m partnering with my friends at the USHBC to carry out this task.

Your first challenge? Use blueberries as a healthy addition to your usual breakfast. I like them with oatmeal, but you can also sprinkle them over your peanut butter toast or eat them alongside your scrambled eggs. They’ll satisfy you with fiber and vitamin C, and help you start your day on a healthy note.

Make this simple change to your morning meal, share this post with your #littlechanges, and your efforts won’t go unnoticed — let’s hear what you’ve got!



Each month, one randomly drawn participant will receive a $100 gift card and prize pack. View the official rules here.

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