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Frozen is the New Fresh

Meme - Frozen is the new fresh - June-frozenFresh may be the buzzword as we welcome summer’s bounty, but as clear, blue skies turn to sticky August evenings, it’s the frozen treats we tend to fancy.

Smoothies, fruit pops, ice cream and sorbet – no matter what our mood is, there’s a melty meal to match it, and blueberries lend the flavor to many of our faves.

Stock up on fresh blueberries this month and freeze them yourself  (they’ll last up to 6 months!) or buy a bag from your grocery freezer section any time of year.

You’ll find no shortage of ways to use your frozen blueberries –even eat them plain for a healthy melt-in-your-mouth snack – but before they disappear, experiment with them in new recipes like  turkey burgers and  tortilla crepes!

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