Highbush Blueberry Week Takes Over Sebree Elementary

As the lucky grand prize winner of the National Farm to School Month sweepstakes, Sebree Elementary School kicked off the new year by hosting a “Highbush Blueberry Week.” Using the Council’s Highbush Blueberry Farm to School Playbook, the week was filled with buckets of fun, ranging from a nutrition education student assembly, blueberry taste test, and even an art contest!

Throughout the week, students had the opportunity to try various blueberry recipes, in addition to 4oz cups of fresh blueberries, for both breakfast and lunch. To gather student feedback, Sebree challenged 400+ students and their taste buds to sample a Blueberry Salad with Blueberry Vinaigrette for lunch, along with a Blueberry Smoothie for breakfast. A whopping 91% of students voted that the blueberry smoothie was “yummy!”

During the week-long festivities, Sebree Elementary held a “Highbush Blueberry Art Contest” in which students created artwork inspired by little blue dynamos. The winner was a sixth-grade student, who won big for her positively bluetiful artwork pictured on the left.

Led by Sebree’s dietetic intern, a blueberry nutrition education student assembly shared the health benefits of blueberries, how they are harvested, grown and journey from farm to cafeteria with nearly 400 students. To keep the festivities going, Sebree Elementary handed out blueberry-scented stickers and blueberry tattoos to students.

The U.S. Highbush Blueberry Council is proud to have celebrated National Farm to School Month with Sebree Elementary and their students, what an amazing winner!

If your school is interested in celebrating highbush blueberries, be sure to explore the Highbush Blueberry Farm to School Playbook! Packed with resources to excite your students, inspire your staff and celebrate with your community, our Playbook can help transform your school nutrition program from good to positively bluetiful!

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