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Little Changes Lead to Kitchen Breakthroughs

Baked Meringue with Blueberry Ice CreamWhether you’re a professional chef or home cook, all it takes is a little challenge to get the creative juices flowing. Eight of L.A.’s top chefs and food “celebrities” experienced this firsthand at the Little Changes Kitchen Challenge sponsored by the U.S. Highbush Blueberry Council on March 16, 2015.

Competing to see whose dish would win the hearts and taste buds of a panel of esteemed judges, two teams took blueberries into the savory realm, and two teams explored new ways to use blueberries in sweets.

But the chef teams also had another challenge to consider – how could they make sure their dish was not only intriguing, nutritious and delicious, but also easy for anyone at home to replicate?

Watch this video to hear from the chefs themselves how they channeled their creativity (and an array of blueberry forms!) into winning results.

Short ribsWhile Chefs Josie LeBalch (of Josie Restaurant ) and Roxana Jullapat (formerly of Cook’s County) claimed the judges’ picks, all four creations shone by showing how little changes in the kitchen can make a big difference in nutrition, taste and convenience. Try them out for yourself using the recipes below!

Blueberry Barbeque Glazed Beef Short Ribs (Chef Josie LeBalch)

Bison Meatballs with a Sweet and Sour Blueberry Sauce (Chef Daniel Mattern)

Blueberry Meringues with Blueberry Ice Cream and Compote (Chef Roxana Jullapat)

Blueberry and Earl Grey Cake (Chef Valerie Gordon)

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