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Show Your Body Some Love with Naturally Sweet Treats

Hi all,

Valentine’s Day is all about showing our loved ones that we care about them, and while we usually think of our family and friends, we can’t forget to show a little love to ourselves! This means taking care of your health and treating your body well. Instead of reaching for a handful of candies, try something naturally sweet.V-day meme for blog

This leads me to my February #littlechanges challenge: Next time you’re craving a sugar-packed treat, try a handful of blueberries and just one small piece of chocolate. This way, you’re satisfying your sweet tooth and giving your body the gift of more fiber and vitamins – and that’s the sweetest gift of all!

Make this simple change in February, share this post with the #littlechanges hashtag and your efforts won’t go unnoticed — let’s hear what you’ve got!



Each month, one randomly drawn participant will receive a $100 gift card and prize pack. View the official rules here.

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