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Trade Candy for Creativity: Tips for a Healthier Halloween

ali oct

Halloween is all about creativity. Whether we’re inventing new costume ideas, crafting elaborate decorations or making pumpkin-flavored snacks, the fun of this well-loved holiday lies in the imaginative acts it inspires. Unfortunately, somewhere along the line, the candy and sweets part of the celebration became overblown, making it tempting for all of us to consume way too much sugar this time of year.

So, why not apply a little of that Halloween creativity to coming up with healthier traditions?  Here are a few ideas:

  1. Healthy competition. It’s easy for kids to base their Halloween success on the number of candies gathered. It’s your job to remind them that the fun is in the spirit of Halloween, not the sugar! Kick off the holiday with a family costume competition or pumpkin decorating contest to put your creativity to the test while having a good time.“Boo”-Berry Milkshakes
  2. Fun beyond candy. No parent enjoys an all-day sugar high that lasts until the trick-or-treat bag is empty, and allowing your kids three small pieces a day is a good way to teach moderation. Shift the focus away from sweets by tying in a fun activity to make sure the reward is more than just sugar – a piece of candy + an hour of playing in the leaves!
  3. Get hands-on. There’s tons of fun to be had with Halloween decorations, so gather your family or friends and get to work. Host a pumpkin-carving party for neighbors, collaborate with friends to make an original centerpiece, or involve kids in decorating “Boo”- Berry Milkshakes. The shakes are made with real fruit and frozen yogurt so they’re lower in sugar, fat and calories than other holiday treats. 

The possibilities are endless and these are just a few suggestions – what are your plans?

Happy Halloween, everyone!



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