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Waiter, there’s a blueberry in my margarita

blueberry margarita‘Culinary cocktails’ that feature fresh ingredients was another top trend spotted by the chefs who responded to an NRA survey. Today, with plump, fresh blueberries available virtually every day of the year, blueberries are a natural on cocktail menus.

Go to to see the recipe for the Blueberry Margarita, shown here, developed by Mark Goyetche, bar manager at Lopez Southwest Food Club in Cleveland, Ohio. At you’ll also find recipes for Blutini, Blueberry Daiquiri, and Blueberry Mojito cocktails, plus recipes and ideas for alcohol-free beverages.

And to get a full range of blueberry info to have at your fingertips, request a copy of the DVD Blueberry Kitchen: Contemporary Recipes from the Culinary Institute of America with recipes and loads of ideas, storage/handling, nutrition, and more. Get a preview of Blueberry Kitchen and recipes for such innovative beverages as Blueberry and Mint Spritzer, Blueberry Lavender Fizz and Blueberry Ginger Soda and more at . The DVD is free to foodservice professionals from the U.S. Highbush Blueberry Council. Send your name, title and mailing address with your request to

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