Canning Blueberries at Home

When you’ve got more little blue dynamos that you know what to do with, canning blueberries is the perfect solution! This is one of the most fun and memorable ways to preserve the flavors of summer. Bring a jar of blueberry jam or blueberry chutney to the table at any time of year to make breakfast, breads and desserts extra special.

Canning blueberries is a preservation method that kills enzymes, removes oxygen and helps form a high vacuum in jars. A tight seal ensures that you keep out air, liquid and microorganisms like mold, yeast and bacteria. When canning blueberries, make sure you use fresh, high-quality berries. Wash them and process them for canning as soon as possible.

There are various methods for canning blueberries. You have the option to use raw blueberries (which should be packed tightly into jars), heated blueberries (which should be loosely packed), cooking liquid (water, sugar, syrup or juice), and a water canner or a pressure canner. Whatever method you choose, it’s extremely important to keep all of your materials clean, and to read up on regulated steps for safe canning, because unsafe canning can result in harmful bacteria. Official sites like USDA and Colorado State University are useful resources for this.

If you’re ready to start canning, try one of these simple, versatile and delicious recipes: