What should I look for when buying fresh blueberries?

When you buy fresh blueberries, look for berries that are firm, dry, plump and smooth-skinned, with a silvery surface bloom and no leaves or stems. Size isn’t an indicator of maturity but color is – blueberries should be deep purple-blue to blue-black.

How should I store blueberries?

Refrigerate fresh blueberries when you get them home, either in their original plastic clamshell or in a covered bowl or container. Rinse fresh blueberries immediately before you use them.

What types of food go well with blueberries?

Blueberries are super versatile, and pair well with a number of savory and sweet dishes. Browse through our blueberry recipes or visit our suggested pairings to get some delicious ideas!

How do I prevent blueberries from sinking when I bake?

To prevent blueberries from sinking in your batter, spread half the batter in the pan, then add half the blueberries, top them with the remaining batter and top it off with the remaining blueberries. Or, you can coat blueberries with flour before stirring into batter, and avoid over blending.

Is it okay to use blueberries that are reddish in color?

Reddish blueberries aren’t ripe, so they will taste a bit sour on their own, but they are fine to use in cooking and baking.

How can I use other forms of blueberries besides fresh?

Fresh blueberries are great, and other forms like frozen, canned, freeze dried and dried blueberries give you even more possibilities. There are a number of ways to use them, from scones and biscotti to sauces and salads. Browse our recipes to find ideas!

When are blueberries in season?

While peak blueberry season in the U.S. and Canada is in the summer, beautiful fresh blueberries are available to us year round thanks to imports from our friends in South America.

How do I grow my own blueberries?

Certain varieties of blueberries grow better in specific regions. Be sure to talk to your local nursery if you want to grow your own blueberry plants at home.

How do I can or preserve blueberries?

Canning blueberries at home is a blast, but it’s important to make sure you do it in a safe and clean environment. We’ve got plenty of resources that will help you get started!