Blueberry Marketers

Global Production

Global blueberry production has grown significantly over the past decade, with all contributing markets, from North America to Asia, experiencing their own level of growth. With stats on our side, analysts expect blueberry production to be in excess of 1.45 billion lbs. come 2017, showing that the industry is continuing to expand.

USHBC Marketers graphic - 8-4-15

U.S. Chain Menu Trends

Recent USHBC-commissioned research from Technomic indicates major growth in blueberries’ presence on restaurant menus. The 2014 study shows that overall blueberry mentions on top chain restaurant menus have increased 97 percent since 2007, with blueberries appearing across all categories and sectors1. Fresh blueberry mentions were up more than 176 percent in the same time period1. 1.Technomic, Inc., January 2014

Chain Menu Research News Release

Top U.S. chain menus are responding to growing demand for blueberries and other healthy, flavorful options. View release.

Chain Menu Research Summary

As restaurants work hard to offer healthier options that taste good, and there’s evidence that more chains are menuing more blueberries. Download the Executive Summary to view more insights.

Consumer Usage & Attitudes

The USHBC gathers insights on consumer usage and attitudes toward blueberries through a nationwide survey conducted in 2004, 2008, 2013 and 2017. Most recently, it revealed blueberries’ growing popularity: 75 percent of all consumers are on the path to purchase in the next year, an 11-percent increase over 2013. In fact, 65 percent of women aged 25-44 have purchased in the last 15 days. The most popular uses for blueberries? Eating alone as a snack, as a topping or in smoothies, baked goods and salads. Blueberries also serve as an extra motivator – half of consumers say that blueberries make menu items or food items on grocery store shelves more appealing. 2. Grant Jensen & Associates, 2017

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