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Blueberry Granita Salad
Wedge Salad with granita

Blueberry Granita Salad

A granita, or frozen vinaigrette, is a refreshing application for frozen blueberries which are readily available year around. Once grated, these blueberries can stay frozen in a resealable container as a grated fluffy ice to apply to salads, oysters and dessert.

Recipe created by Chef Jamie Simpson, The Culinary Vegetable Institute



  • 8oz (227g) frozen blueberries



  1. Apply a grating disk to your food processor and place the pitcher, the disk, and the top in the freezer to pre-chill. Once cold, pass all of the blueberries with gentle pressure through the disk.
  2. Depending on your recipe application, season with salt, sugar or both.


Shave the Blueberry Granita over a bed of crisp greens for a unique presentation your customers will enjoy.