Usage Chart

Fresh Frozen Dried Liquid
• hot and cold cereal toppings X X
• stuffed french toast X X X
• syrup and sauces X X X X
• yogurt parfaits X X
• compotes X X X X
• corncakes X X X
• blueberry pancakes X X X
• waffles X X X
• muffins X X X
• coffee cake X X X
• scones X X X
• cinnamon rolls X X
• cream cheese spread X X
• granola X
• muesli X
• smoothies X X X X
• blend with juices X X X
Fresh Frozen Dried Liquid
• smoothies: yogurt, milk, soy, ice cream or juice-based X X X
• freeze in ice cubes X X X
• hot cider, wassail, or glögg X X X X
• tea: iced or hot X X X
• lemonade X X X
• infused vodka or to make liqueur X X X
• Bar beverages: mojitos; daquiris; sangria; martinis; cosmopolitans; margaritas X X X
• Mocktails and non-alcoholic beverages: blend with juices; ice cream-soda floats; stir into seltzer; iced coffee drinks; blue ‘Shirley Temple’ X X X
Fresh Frozen Dried Liquid
• waldorf X X
• chicken or turkey X X
• fruit X X
• greens: spinach, arugula, lettuces X X
• couscous, quinoa, rice and other grains X X
• shredded carrot, cole slaw and other vegetables X X
• fruit-based salsas: sweet or savory X X
• chutneys X X X
• vinaigrettes and fruit salad dressings X X X X
Fresh Frozen Dried Liquid
• savory sauces for game, poultry and pork X X X X
• macerated fruit sauces X X X X
• fruit “ketchup” X X X X
• sweet sauces and glazes: rum, brandy, chocolate, cream, citrus, fruit X X X X
• dessert drizzles and toppings X X X X
Fresh Frozen Dried Liquid
• cobblers, crisps, buckles, bettys X X X
• open-face “fresh-fruit” pies and tarts X X
• baked pies and crostatas X X X
• cheesecake X X X
• shortcake X X X X
• bread pudding X X X
• cakes and quick breads: carrot, zucchini, pumpkin, applesauce, poundcake, polenta cake, cupcakes X X X
• bars and cookies: granola, oatmeal, spice, fruit bars (lemon, apple, peach) X X X
• biscotti X
• scones X X X
• cinnamon rolls and sticky buns X X X
Fresh Frozen Dried Liquid
• parfaits with pudding or cream and crushed cookies or cake crumbs X X
• panna cotta X X X
• rice pudding X X X
• trifle X X X
• baked or poached apples or pears X X X X
• crepes X X X
• soups: hot or cold X X X
• ice cream floats X X X
• fritters X X X
• sorbet and granites X X X