See if you can answer these fun facts
about your favorite little berry!

  • Which month is National Blueberry Month in the United States? Hint: Think red, white and blue!
    Answer: July – It’s the peak of blueberry season in the Northeast and Midwest.
  • Which month is National Blueberry Month in Canada?
    Answer: August
  • What gives blueberries their signature blue color?
    Answer: Blueberries are blue because they contain pigments called anthocyanins, which are the major contributors to their antioxidant activity!
  • What vitamins and nutrients can you get by eating blueberries?
    Answer: Lots! Vitamin C, fiber, manganese and antioxidants are just a few.
  • What’s the most popular type of muffin in the United States.?
    Answer: The blueberry muffin – what else would it be?!? (Source: Muffin and Scone Statistics)
  • The blueberry muffin is the official muffin of which state?
    Answer: Minnesota
  • Which American state has named the blueberry its official fruit?
    Answer: New Jersey – tons of blueberries are grown there each year!
  • What countries do we get blueberries from in the winter?
    Answer: Mainly from Argentina and Chile – when it’s winter in the United States, it’s summer in South America!
  • What did the Native Americans call blueberries?
    Answer: Star berries – because of the star-shaped “crown” you see on top of them.
  • How many blueberries can one blueberry bush produce in a year?
    Answer: Up to 6,000 – that’s a lot of blueberries!
  • What are the three fruits native to North America?
    Answer: Blueberries, cranberries and Concord grapes
  • How long have blueberries grown on the earth?
    Answer: Botanists estimate blueberries have been around for more than 13,000 years!
  • Which American poet loved blueberries so much he wrote a poem about them?
    Answer: Robert Frost – what a dynamic guy!

Blueberries pack a powerful punch of flavor and healthy rewards. They pop, blast, burst and bounce their way into any dish you can imagine! Check out these fun activities and snack ideas to find out why blueberries are nature’s little blue dynamos®.

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